Craftsman Home Wood Refinishing Restoration

It is crucial to have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who specialize in historic home restoration. Romani Restoration has a proven track record of successfully restoring craftsman homes and we have extensive experience working with the specific types of wood and materials used in craftsman homes.

We understand the unique architectural features of craftsman homes, such as the use of natural wood finishes, detailed trim work, and custom cabinetry. Our team has the expertise and attention to detail required to restore these features properly.

Over 35 years of experience that matters

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a detailed project plan, timeline, and cost estimate for the restoration work, ensuring that our clients are fully informed every step of the way. We also understand the importance of preserving the historic integrity of the home while still allowing for modern functionality and comfort, and we work closely with historic preservation specialists or architects to ensure that the restoration work is in keeping with the original design and character of the home.

When you choose Marco and Romani Restoration for your craftsman home restoration project, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We have the expertise, experience, and attention to detail required to bring your home back to its original beauty and ensure that it will last for generations to come.

Restoration Process

Refinishing the woodwork is a critical part of a complete craftsman home restoration, and involves several key woodworking tasks. Craftsman homes are known for their beautiful woodwork, and restoring this aspect of the home can bring back its original beauty and charm.

To refinish any wood floors, trim, or paneling you must start by stripping and sanding the wood to remove any old finishes or imperfections, and then applying new stains or finishes to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Skilled woodworkers have a deep understanding of the different types of wood used in craftsman homes, and are able to select the right finishes and stains to match the original style of the home.

Finally, all of the restored woodwork must be finished with the right coatings and sealants to protect it from damage and preserve its beauty for years to come. This may involve applying a final coat of stain or finish, or using specialized sealants to protect the wood from moisture and other environmental factors.

Overall, restoring the woodwork in a craftsman home is a challenging but rewarding process that requires a deep understanding of the original design and materials used in the home, as well as a skilled hand and attention to detail. The end result is a beautiful, timeless space that reflects the craftsmanship and care of a bygone era.

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Residential and Commercial

The Castle Green, Pasadena California

The Castle Green is a Pasadena Landmark Building. Formerly a hotel, it has been converted to condos. The hotel rooms have been lovingly restored and made into homes in this classic building. Romani Restoration worked in collaboration with the architect on the renovations of various condos throughout the building. The wood was restored and in some condos new wood was built in to match the existing refinished wood. Romani Restoration was also entrusted to refinish the main entrance to the Castle Green. The Castle Green is used as a gathering place for many weddings and events which are held on the grounds. The Castle Green is open to the public once a year for tours. If you enjoy turn of the century class Mission Styling with a dash of Moroccan flair, visit the Pasadena Castle Green!

castle green -historic
Historic Preservation Award

Alhambra's Best Award

Romani Restoration was awarded the “Best of 2014” by the city of Alhambra. Recognized for excellent work restoring historic homes throughout the city of Alhambra. 

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Marco refinished the old wood in our craftsman home and the results were excellent. I was particularly impressed at how he was able

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Charles C.

Great guy, great work.  I found Marco from his Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed.  He stripped and refinished my massive walnut

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Deborah F.

I hired Marco to restore 2 Craftsman doors after several other companies turned down the job because they doors were too damaged (a

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Sandy G.

Marco is a true craftsman. He restored the wood in our living and dining room that had about twenty layers of paint and

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