Consultation Services

Have you started a restoration project and are not sure what the next step is? Is there a problem you cant solve or need suggestions? Romani Restoration offers Consultation Services- Marco Romani will come to your project and offer advice, suggestions and insights. Swatch testing is always complimentary!

Furniture Refinishing

Bring your antique furniture to life! The first step to refinishing an antique is a thorough evaluation of the existing paint/finish. We will determine how many layers of paint have been applied, and if there is a shellac layer protecting the wood. An estimate is given based upon the evaluation. 

We can work in a way that best suits your schedule, working to get the furniture stripped, stained and polished in a timely manner. If you’re renovating your home and adding new cabinets, we can match them to the existing wood. Floor moulding and ceiling moulding can be removed, repaired, and replaced in the case of damage. 

French Polish

French Polish is a quality process that gives your furniture multiple layers of polished lacquer for a high-gloss look and elegant look for pianos and other fine furniture.


Castle Green

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Pasadena Library Main Branch

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Elegant Craftsman Home

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Elegant Furniture

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