Cindy S.

I promised Marco that I would write a review months ago; however, I never got around to it until now. After reading all his great reviews, all I can do is echo what has already been said and to confirm the reviews are all true based upon my experience with Marco. My projects entailed staining French doors and casement windows (on a 1911/1912 Craftsman home), repairing and re-staining the wood footboard of a sleigh bed (due to a combination of a 127-lb dog scratching and chewing), and finish reparation on an antique French paint inlay side table that belonged to my Grandmother which I thought was beyond saving.

Who is Marco? He is a professional craftsman and artist who not only takes immeasurable pride in his work buts put part of himself  – his love and passion – into his work. He IS part of the finished product. When people talk about someone having respect for you and your home and your stuff…this is Marco. His devotion for his craft and admiration for all that is wood is readily apparent in the outcome of whatever job he completes.

While the staining and finish of our doors and windows is like glass (and is very impressive), I am even more happy with my sleigh bed and Grandmother’s table. The bed repair is not even noticeable – it looks perfect and like nothing ever happened. Grandma’s table is back to its prior glory, and I’m so happy!!!

Thank-you to Marco and his helper for the great work, great attention to detail and for always cleaning up. We are loving the use and more specifically, the looks, of our “old” stuff that now looks new again!!!